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Respect My rights

What makes you- YOU?

La pauvreté Seeing change happen Disparity Vs Dream Just a face in a crowd The family and friends My life in a picture stOP vIOLence agaNIST wOMEN Changing the world with Friends

What's the worst sex advice you've ever heard?

le sexe un tabout chez nous Sex with a virgin cures AIDS..... I don't think so 17! an you have never had sex? No advice is sometimes the worst ... Can't get pregnant having sex only once You can catch AIDS from sitting on the toilet... Can't get pregnant "When a girl says no she actually means yes"

Write for Rights - Letter Writing Marathon: Take part and share your story!

One Billion Rising Modern Slavery Happy Birthday Jacqueline! Pen vs. sword Support for Bodo Community Marathon in Poznan Poznań 2012 postcard to Ales Bialatski

Stand with a community in their fight for justice!

Solidarity with Coastei's Family Guests from Romania Give them home Slumi so tudi v Sloveniji! Slums ... Sgombero forzato a Belgrado - Forced ... Dobbiamo essere forti - We must be strong

We’re fed up! Are you with us?

I am with you Mr. Apparent peace and freedom Warto walczyć! Victory I support Girifna Let's open the door for peace and freedom - support Girifna! Popieram Girifna

What would you do if you were forced out of your home?

I would find more people who are evicted and ... buscaría nuevas amistades, un entorno que me puede volver a gustar como mi hogar pasado Care more about the ones that ... Try to relocate my self in another neighbourhood buscaría un lugar temporal para vivir, ... Buscar trabajo con alguien o pedir hospedaje en un ... que hay que tener consiencia no ... Me voy a delicias

If you lost your home where would you sleep?

First her home, then her education…

Tako zivijo v Zimbabveju! Life in Zimbabwe! Don't let ... Stop unjustice Freedom Become wise Stop violence Forever Madness

Marius could only take his shoes. What one thing would you take?

Rispetta il diritto all'alloggio!!! Respect the right to housing! My horse I would take my favorit book A book/książkę Music makes me strong! My Family My Dog Money