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Respect My rights

Stay with friends while you find a new place ... Stay close to your family who is with you. Try to talk to job centres/ ... ll try and get another job to help pay for ... try to get a job to support myself Chercher le soutien d'Amnesty International Ask for help! I don't know Find a new home! Try to ... no lo sé would listen to bruce springsteen's jack of all trades! I would try to get a grip on myself and try to find a shelter ... Know my housing rights .... I don't know El desplazamiento interno va más allá ... i will get a good job so i can ... i would quit school and try ... I would find help so i ... i would go and find a home a job ... i would be happy because i ... I dont know what i would do now. I would probably go to my grandmothers. ... I would actually be happy to ... get a low paying job work really hard and see maybe if i work long ... find shelter, water, and safety I would try to get aj job or enroll ... I would look for a better place to restart my life with my family. I ... Apeal to a Court of law Having always kept my home for granted in my mind, I'd feel helpless but I'd ... After going though this game, I will be more constant in protesting against forced evictions ... be all alone What would I do... Mi impegno per tutelare il diritto all'alloggio adeguato per tutte le persone.. go to the nearest United nation offices or African union offices for help Not left with any option but to fight till ... look for the help from government ... Find a job and a new house. I will ... human dignity is my dignity try to find a way out ... I will protest in the street, tell people about ... Buscaría apoyo I would tell the government officials. I would look for a homeless shelter or try to make my way toward family ... la vrd no sabría muy bien que hacer en estas situaciones, me encomendaría a Dios ... go to friends home go to Try to take contact with people ... k its hard to lose your life in that way ... Try to find family and friends. Protesto, e cerco di difendere i ... I would appeal to the authorities Try to change my life, any means neccessary... I'd go living in the forest ... look for a homeless shelter or community center Try to go back and reclaim ... asdf Despair and struggle to build a new life... I'm gonna comeback and fight .. I would feel isolated, lost and vulnerable...I cannot imagine how I will continue my life...It ... J'irais voir dans un autre pays si j'ai plus de chances de m'en sortir. Try to find new security. cry Look for help and advice in social centres. In the meanwhile of finding a new ... Demander au gouvernement de ne pas ... honestly...i don't know what to do... Ask my "government" to give me my right in ... I really don't know :( Faire appel à des associations pour m'aider appel à des associations qui pourraient m'aider I will go to Europe I would try to find help. I would go ... find a job, work really hard, ... Try to find out what can I do and where I can find a school, ... cerco di mantenere contatti con i ... Keep fighting for justice like the community in Cluj Napoca Romania Non potrò far altro che vivere ... Look for another place close to the neighbourhood from ... die I have no idea J'irais loger dans ma famille et ... Stay with friends visit the police Hope in Amnesty International.... Subscribe sleep Phone a friend CRY! Lotterei per riavere la mia casa First shelter, then risk finding help I would feel very lost Start a campaign for justice look for help Protest powrot? Co bym zrobiła ngo Stay with a friend