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Respect My rights

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Imagine you were forcibly evicted from your home and had to leave school as a result. This is what has happened to thousands of children and young people in Zimbabwe.

Mary was 16 when her community was forcibly evicted. Overnight, she lost her access to a school. With no alternative provided, Mary was denied her right to an education and to a future free from poverty.

Photograph the soles of your shoes with a message telling the government of Zimbabwe that it must respect the right of every child and young person to access education. If you cannot post a photo do not let that stop you sharing your message.

Your voice can make a difference!

Take a step for the human rights of children and young people in Zimbabwe! Add your photo or message below...

Did you know?

In 2005 the government of Zimbabwe launched the Murambatsvina operation (“Get rid of trash”) to bulldoze the informal settlements of Porta Farm in the west of the city of Harare. In a few weeks, 700,000 people were left without a home.

The operation inflicted a severe blow to the education of 220,000 children and young people. In some cases, the government actively demolished school buildings. For most young people, the long distances forced by the relocations meant they could no longer access their schools while the Zimbabwean government failed to provide an alternative. The loss of families’ livelihoods has also led to increased poverty and the long-term inability of parents to afford school fees.

Read more about the devastating impact of Zimbabwe’s mass forced evictions on the right to education

Take action!

Join the challenge! We will send all the pictures and messages to the Government of Zimbabwe to ask him to ensure compulsory, universal and open primary education, without discrimination for all children.

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